Palladio Doors

We are proud to present the Palladio composite door. In our opinion the Palladio door range is the finest on the market to date. In the 10 years research and development there has been no stone unturned in the quest for the perfect product. Palladio’s approach to this was innovate and radicalise. The composition of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure (internal structure of the door). This structure gives the door massive strength to weight ratio. Apart from the MONOCOQUE design there are many other innovative features to this door:

  • Double rebated as standard (giving you a double seal as opposed to a 44mm single rebate door that would have a single seal for air tightness)
  • U value .85 for a solid door
  • U value of .98 for a glazed door (probably the only door in the UK that would be A rated throughout the full range
  • All doors are Renolite foil finished (not painted) matching the outer frame perfectly (most doors would have a white frame only as the door colour cannot match the frame)
  • Triple Glazed units as standard
  • Made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass Monocoque structure ( this is a high security door as opposed to others that are foam filled)
  • 4 hinges fitted as standard (most doors only have 3)
  • 8 point locking system (most door manufacturers would have 3-4 point locking system available)
  • The Palladio wood grain finish is superb, due to the fact that all their tooling is made in house. In a very unique process Palladio replicate exactly the finish of a real oak door.
  • 100% true to the original natural grain using a special silicone mould taken from an original hardwood door. Making Palladio the 1st choice for those who love hard wood doors but despise the maintenance aspect

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